Christmas Pudding Recipe


What You’ll Need (Makes 10 x 1lb pudding) 500gr Of Sultanas 500gr Of Raisins 1.25kg Of Currants 130gr Of Mixed Peel 12gr Of Mixed Spice 3gr Of Cinnamon 3gr Of Nutmeg 2 Grated Orange Zest 2 Grated Lemon Zest 350ml Of Whisky 150ml Of Rum 350ml Of Guinness 9 Eggs 500gr Of Melted Butter 1kg […]

Grilled BBQ Prawns Recipe


What You’ll Need (Serves 4) 500gr Of 16/20 HLSO Prawns 20ml Of Cooks & Co Rapeseed Oil 2gr Of Musgrave Excellence Tarragon 2 Cloves Of Finely Crushed Garlic Grated Orange Zest Of 2 Oranges 10ml Of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Salt And Pepper To Taste Creating The Dish: Defrost the prawns overnight. In a bowl, […]

The Importance of Portion Control To Your Business and Customer


In this post, Gillian McConnell, Musgrave MarketPlace consultant dietitian, discusses portion control and it’s importance to your business and your customer’s health. Why is Portion Control So Important? Growing concerns about the effect of portion size on overall calorific intake and health is causing customers to reconsider what and how much they eat so as […]

Grilled Striploin with a Rocket & Grana Salad and Rosemary & Sea Salt Pont Neuf


What You’ll Need: Butcher’s Select Striploin Steaks 4 Seasonal Fare Potatoes (Loose Bakers Red) 10g Flora del Dalta Sea Salt Flakes 200g Seasonal Fare Rocket Leaves 100g Shaved Padano Cheese 40ml Musgrave Excellence Extra Virgin Olive Oil 10g Fresh Rosemary Creating The Dish: Rocket & Grana Salad Wash and dry the rocket leaves. In a […]

Easy Pub Grub Recipes to Delight Your World Cup Customers


The World Cup is kicking off soon (excuse the pun) and having the right bites on your menu will be all important. With that in mind, In-House Head Development Chef, Clement Pavie, has put together these tasty and cost-effective dishes for your pub grub menu. Smoked Paprika Mash & Gourmet Sausage Éclair on a Bed […]

Minimise Your Waste & Maximise Your Food


The FoodService industry is constantly evolving and businesses are always looking for ways to become more profitable, more sustainable and more competitive. This means that minimising your waste and maximising your food is of critical importance to achieving these goals. By operating in a fashion whereby your business strives to reduce waste and maximise food, […]

Healthier Eggs Benedict Recipe


The Dish: Poached eggs, dry cured rashers, sourdough toast, wilted spinach and light hollandaise sauce. Serves 4. What You’ll Need: 8 Medium Eggs 8 Smoked Dry Cured Rashers 400gr of Baby Spinach Leaves 20gr of Butter 4 Medium Slices of Good Sourdough Loaf 20ml of Cream Juice of 1 Lemon 250ml of Natural Yoghurt 2 […]

MP 1024x523px Sugar Tax - Gillian McConnell

The Sugar Tax and Alternatives


In this post, Musgrave MarketPlace Consultant Dietitian, Gillian McConnell, discusses the incoming Sugar Tax and makes some suggestions to help reduce the impact of this tax on your business.

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