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Products | 14th January 2020

Trish Thornton is the Musgrave MarketPlace Packaging and Professional Cleaning buyer. Below she discusses all things eco-packaging including consumer trends, business trends and upcoming packaging legislation.

New EU Directive

A new EU Directive will be banning certain products from 2021. As part of this legislation, single-use plastics such as straws, plastic cutlery and takeaway food containers made from expanded polystyrene (foam) are due to be banned. This includes products made from oxo-biodegradable material, a material which was once thought to be helpful to the environment. There will also be a levy on disposable coffee cups, however, the actual levy amount is still yet to be defined.

Eco Packaging Trends

The impact of disposable packaging on the environment has become an ever-growing concern over the last number of years & this trend is set to continue well into the future. The trend has been driven from media speculation of new Government legislation calling for a ban of single-use plastics & a levy on disposable coffee cups. This has resulted in a significant increase in consumers already switching to sustainable packaging.

Here at Musgrave MarketPlace, we are seeing a dramatic increase in demand for sustainable products. We predict that this will only continue to grow further with the introduction of new innovative packaging solutions for food on the go. With customers demanding more sustainable options, going green with packaging is a trend that’s here to stay.

As we know, the consumers’ mindset is already changing and there are huge changes in how festivals are run in recent years with a greater focus on sustainability since 2017. All bars and food units at these events use fully compostable packaging when serving food and beverages to consumers. They also encourage consumers to dispose of their waste correctly in bins provided throughout the site.

Eco Packaging at Musgrave MarketPlace

Musgrave MarketPlace can assist you in finding a solution for fully compostable packaging, through our extensive range. This offering will continue to grow as we are constantly searching for new innovative, sustainable lines to support all our customers’ needs. Visit your local Musgrave MarketPlace today and experience the range for yourself. Our colleagues are on hand to assist you.

Eco Packaging at Musgrave MarketPlace

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