It’s Time to Go Zero – Low & No Alcohol Trends 2020

Products | 14th January 2020

Alcohol Buyer, Ray Farrell shares his predictions for the Low & No Alcohol market in 2020 as well picking some of his favourites, telling us what makes them unique!

They said it would never last, just a passing fad, but Dry January is here to stay and at Musgrave MarketPlace we have a great range of low & no alcohol beer and wine to help your customers stay the course to the not so fab (but a bit better than January) February.

In truth, we Irish have really started to embrace non-alcoholic drinks all year round. Some of this growing consumption is driven by lifestyle choice, factors such as urban sprawl, geography, and commuting, as well as the much-improved alcohol-free ranges now available.

Drinks manufacturers have finally woken up to the idea that there is real consumer demand for quality non-alcoholic products, (Musgrave MarketPlace non-alcoholic sales are up 191% YTD) and the current range of beers and wines available in this category are the best they have ever been.

Alcohol-free drinks have grown in popularity in 2019 and are set to become even more popular in 2020. These drinks are becoming a staple part of happy hour menus across the country. Expect to see even more alcohol-free drinks as hops-infused sparkling waters, and alternatives to liquors meant to be used with a mixer such as botanical-infused faux gins continue to pop up in many bars around Ireland.

Krombacher Non-Alcoholic

Krombacher non-alcoholic is a pilsner beer brewed with natural spring water in a special process developed by skillful Brew Masters.

Its exclusive brewing process as well as the cold, gentle fermentation storage, makes this non-alcoholic beer taste so convincingly good. It is the ideal thirst quencher with a full taste and reduced calories.

This burnt gold pilsner lies on the sweeter side, with aromas of bread baking in the oven, light honey, and hay.

When it comes to food pairings this works really well with chicken or veggie burritos. The herbal notes will play nicely with the cilantro in Mexican dishes, while the beer’s sweeter malty body subdues the heat of the chilies.

First Cape Light 5.5 % Pinot Grigio

Made using a range of techniques to blend together delicious light Italian Pinot Grigio wine with fragrant aromas, First Cape has created a wonderfully refreshing drink. It offers spicy pineapple and citrus notes on the nose, with passion fruit and apple flavours on the palate.

This is a lovely fresh low alcohol wine, with crisp citrus notes and white peach aromas. It’s perfect for all occasions from a lunchtime barbeque to an evening celebration, and at 5.5% alcohol, suits today’s busy lifestyle.

Ceder’s Crisp Non-Alcoholic Gin

Ceder’s is a distilled non-alcoholic alternative to gin, perfect for when you want to opt-out. It is made with classic gin and rare cape botanicals and includes Buchu flavours, a magical plant used for thousands of years by indigenous people of South Africa.

Exotic Cape botanicals join Swedish spring water in this refreshing non-alcoholic spirit. It’s distilled in the same way as gin but without the alcohol.

Ceder’s Crisp includes juniper, cucumber, and chamomile and is delicious served with premium elderflower tonic, cucumber, and mint.

View our current offers on our Low & No Alcohol range in our latest foodservice flyer here.

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