New Year Health Trends 2020

Food | 1st January 2020

Aisling McCarthy is the Musgrave MarketPlace Own Brand and Health Advisor. Below she discusses the New Year health trends that have caught her eye.

Hi all, I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. Dare I say New Year, new me? January can bring the blues, but it can also be the best time to change your diet by becoming healthier and improving your mood. By making small changes like weighing out your food or reducing salt or sugar intake you can help improve your health.

For chefs, January can be the best time to try out a new menu by looking at the latest trends or trying new local produce. Call in to one of our Food Emporiums and speak to our in-house development chefs on advice about changing your menu or pick up some of our Foodservice Academy supplier’s products which are all produced by local artisan suppliers to try on your menu. Have a great month!

Holistic Health

Health continues to be a key trend in foodservice for 2020 and beyond, we are seeing a more holistic approach to health being taken, focusing on mind and body. Customers want to “feel good” about the products they are eating and drinking, knowing that they are sourced responsibly and that companies are engaged and involved in their local communities. Transparency is key to this trend. Foodservice operations can stay ahead of this trend by focusing on local suppliers and producers and calling them out on menus. Health Plus is also key to this trend, for example, products with added health beneficial ingredients such as good bacteria, protein or collagen.

Trending Healthy Ingredients

Citrus is having a real resurgence in foodservice, Yuzu’s moment continues along with blood orange, Kaffir lime, pomelo and bergamot orange. We are seeing these ingredients used in both food and creative cocktails. Fruit flavours – as we see foodservice customers move to more natural, less processed products, fruit, especially anti-oxidant rich berries and cherries come to the fore as a dominant ingredient, also look out for lots of mango in 2020.

This month I’ll be:

  • Meeting with our health team
  • Trying new recipes for a new year

Did you enjoy Aisling’s breakdown of New Year Health Trends? Find more inspiration like this in the inspiration section of our blog.

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