Food Trends for 2019

Inspiration | 5th December 2018

2018 has been a great year for food, particularly in the Irish market. There has been a lot of experimentation across all categories and the rise of ‘Free-from’ products has continued from 2017. Sustainability has been such an important factor in a lot of our decision making around food and this is one we definitely see continuing!

So what can we expect to see in the food for 2019? Take a look below as we discuss Hyper-Local, the further growth of veganism and tech in the food industry!

Going Green

Sustainability looks set to be the key foodservice trend of 2019. It’s a broad term covering not only food waste but also packaging, recycling and food miles,  a step beyond last years trend of zero waste cooking. This is a trend that has gained considerable traction in 2018 (who doesn’t have a keep cup now!) and will continue to be on the radar of foodservice customers for 2019

Vegan Junk Food

Vegan as a health trend has been key for 2018, but we are now seeing vegan move into mainstream fast food; vegan wings, vegan burgers and fries can be seen in restaurants! While seen by some as a “healthier” alternative in most cases it’s not, but it is super tasty so be sure to give it a try!

Food Tech – The Final Frontier

Technology is having a major impact on the food industry, from lab-grown meat to the scientific approach taken to the development of the impossible burger, we have seen it all in 2018 and this looks set to continue into 2019. We are also seeing the change that technology is having on farming with initiatives like the climate controlled vertical farms in Scotland.


Hyper-local food is food that is grown very close to where it is eaten. Some restaurants tapping into this trend will grow food on or near their premises or buy products from local suppliers. We are seeing more restaurants call out the farms and artisan producers they use on their menus. Our FoodService Academy programme taps into this trend, be sure to check out these products in your local Marketplace.

Dust Off Your Chemex – It’s Making a Comeback

Without a doubt, my favourite trends usually involve coffee! Coffee continues to be a key trend for 2019. Cold brew coffee has not yet reached the peak of its popularity and can be used as a base to infuse lots of seasonal and interesting flavours. We are also set to see more Nitro cold brew on menus in 2019. I also predict that we will also see the Chemex used much more in the brewing of coffee in 2019!

And a Final Note on Health
One of the key trends in health for 2019 will be a further move to more natural, clean deck products. This includes using more natural ingredients and keeping sugar, additivities and preservatives to a minimum.

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