August 2019 Food Trends

Food | 2nd August 2019

Deirdre Moriarty is the Musgrave MarketPlace trends expert. Below she discusses the August 2019 food trends that have caught her eye.

I mentioned in last month’s update that I was going to be in Amsterdam for a food safari and trade show, I had some really good food and some amazing coffee in Amsterdam. It’s a city of contradictions, ultra-modern but also very traditional and this is reflected in the food. There are masses of tourists in the city centre but if you take the time to go out of the city to the suburbs there are some hidden gems. Lots of vegan food, I had some of the best vegan cheese that I’ve tried but also some really amazing hand-crafted coffees, as well as some great cakes and pancakes too! I also went to Rotterdam to visit the Market Hall, which is a great indoor market, very much focused on fresh food, seafood, charcuterie, and bread, a food lovers paradise. In this month’s update, I’ll be looking at the rise in zero alcohol sales, new coffee experiences and ordering apps in China. Have a great month!

Zero Alcohol Sales Expected to Boom

I’m sure we’ve all seen a rise in the number of zero alcohol products on the markets and the buzz around this growing area. But it’s not just Ireland that is seeing this growth, it is across Europe. A new report from Zenith Global predicts that 1 billion litres of alcohol-free drinks will be consumed by Germans by 2023. So what’s driving this growth? I think there has been a shift in perception on alcohol-free drinks with consumers engaging with them more, also with a renewed focus on health and advances in the taste profile of these products, what’s not to love! Check out the Virgin Mary in Dublin, its Ireland first alcohol-free bar.

New Coffee Experience, I’m there!

I had my first new coffee experience in a while in Amsterdam, it was a dirty chai, which is basically a chai latte with a shot of espresso, it was definitely different and I’m not sure I would have it again but it was nice to see something new, which leads up to the dirty horchata. Horchata is a popular drink in Latin America made from groundnuts and rice, but it can be sweetened with condensed milk and cinnamon. LA-based Guisados is taking the traditional Horchata to another level by adding a shot of cold brew coffee, sounds good to me.

The Rise of Food Ordering Apps in China

China has seen an explosion in the number of people ordering food via apps and having it delivered to their home or office. This rise in deliveries has also led to a massive increase in food packaging waste which the Chinese system cannot handle. A recent New York time article estimates that food packing waste in China has increased nine-fold in 2 years. It will be interesting to see how China deals with the unintended environmental impacts of food ordering apps, and if we can take any learnings from it, as these apps increase in popularity in Ireland.

This month I’ll be:

  • Turning my barista skills to a homemade dirty horchata.

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