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Gillian McConnell

Veganism – What We Should Know


Veganism is a fast-growing trend in the world of nutrition, eliminating all traces of animal products from the diet. Consumers are choosing to become vegan for a variety of reasons. This may be down to their concerns over the welfare of animals, wanting to make improvements to their health or they may have a desire […]

The Importance of Portion Control To Your Business and Customer


In this post, Gillian McConnell, Musgrave MarketPlace consultant dietitian, discusses portion control and it’s importance to your business and your customer’s health. Why is Portion Control So Important? Growing concerns about the effect of portion size on overall calorific intake and health is causing customers to reconsider what and how much they eat so as […]

MP 1024x523px Sugar Tax - Gillian McConnell

The Sugar Tax and Alternatives


In this post, Musgrave MarketPlace Consultant Dietitian, Gillian McConnell, discusses the incoming Sugar Tax and makes some suggestions to help reduce the impact of this tax on your business.

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