Musgrave Excellence – Meet 3 Chefs From Our Panel

Who better to decide on the quality of Musgrave Excellence products than the people who use them in the real world? That’s why we invite a nationwide, independent panel of chefs to meet regularly and test the products we’re considering. These discerning professionals also contribute ideas, helping us expand the range, developing products that appeal to today’s chefs and their patrons. Every new product is tested by the Musgrave panel of chefs and only those products that are deemed as good as or better than the brand leader are accepted into the range. That’s the Musgrave Excellence guarantee.



OSCAR LAI – Madigans Group

We taste test every item for quality, including appearance, colour, aroma and texture. We also help expand the range, using our experience of current trends to develop products that appeal to today’s chefs. We know what works. I don’t sign off on a product for Musgrave Excellence until I’m completely satisfied. If I put my name to something it’s gotta be good.


TONY O’DONNELL – Burlington Hotel

I run a kitchen that lives by the quality of its cuisine. At the Burlington we want our guests to feel that they’ve had a world-class dining experience. To get into my kitchen, a product has to be up to my standard of excellence. Musgrave Excellence meets that standard. I save over 15% with Musgrave Excellence. This helps me put on special offers, like early bird menus, and not lose my shirt. That’s gotta be good for business.


ADAM MEDCALF – Inchydoney Lodge & Spa

I’m on an independent, nationwide panel of chefs who test the products considered for Musgrave Excellence. And we personally make sure only those rated as good as or better than the leading brands make it into the range. Before I pass a product for Musgrave Excellence it has to be good enough for your kitchen. And before it’s good enough for yours, it has to be good enough for mine.

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